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When most people look into purchasing a used car, they will look at options such as a used car dealership, retired fleet vehicles, etc.  However, a lot of savvy used car buyers are now focusing their efforts on cars that were formerly leased.  There are a growing number of these ex leased quality used cars in Huntsville, AL.  The key to getting the best deal is to understand where to find ex leased cars as well as how to maximize your savings.  Here is a quick overview of how and where to find a great deal on used cars that were previously leased.

The best place to find quality leased vehicles is online auto auctions.  These auctions allow people from all over to purchase ex leased quality used cars in Huntsville, AL as well as the rest of the country.  If you are not local to the area and want to get the car shipped to you, there are two basic options.  The first is to take care of it yourself, whether it be picking the car up or having it shipped directly to you.  However, a more convenient option is often to take advantage of local affiliated auction houses and garages.  These affiliated garages will have the vehicle shipped to them and then you can go pick it up at your leisure 

You might be wondering why using online auctions are even an option.  Many people are under the misconception that most car dealerships will always keep their ex leased vehicles once they are returned, however this is rarely the case.  Here is a closer look at the normal return process and resale process.  The first misconception is that the dealership is directly leasing the vehicle.  In actuality, cars are not leased directly from the dealership, but rather a leasing company.  The dealership will sell the car to the leasing company.  Once a lease expires, the lessee will have the option to purchase the vehicle for 61% of the MSRP.  If they choose not to purchase it, then it is simply returned to the leasing company.

Once the leasing company has the vehicle back, they must then sell it.  Leasing companies traditionally do not have “lots” like a dealership.  Instead, they will simply put the vehicle up for auction.  Because of this, online auctions have become the premier resource for finding ex leased quality used cars in Huntsville, AL.  Plus, it is important to keep in mind that when a car is returned, the car will be in excellent condition.  That is because if it is not, the lessee will be charged additional fees in order to get the problem corrected (outside of normal wear and tear). 

If you are looking for ex leased quality used cars in Huntsville, AL, then online auctions are going to be your best option.  First, online auctions make it extremely easy for you to get your vehicle either delivered to you or a local affiliated garage, even if you don’t live in the Huntsville, AL area.  Second, because leasing companies do not have “lots” to resale vehicles that been leased, they will almost always put the vehicle up for auction.  Finally, because there are so many potential penalties and fees for vehicles in poor condition.  People who lease vehicles keep their vehicles maintained to very high standards, which means it will be in excellent condition for you.

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