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The best source of low mileage used cars in Riverside, California is not at a dealership, but rather at the various auto auctions that are widely available.  There are a large number of different sources that provides low mileage autos for auctions, however by knowing which sources are the best, you will be able to spot the best deals.  This eye for detail is essential if you are looking for a vehicle that has low mileage.

Best Auction Sources for Low Mileage Used Cars in Riverside, CA

One of the best places to find low mileage vehicles is often one of the most well-hidden.  As everyone knows, banks and lenders will repossess vehicles if the owner does not make payments or continue to carry full coverage insurance.  If a vehicle gets repossessed, it is often early in its life.  This means that they still have a very low mileage. 

In order to find these auctions the best thing to do is contact the lending institution directly.  Another option is to pay attention for auto-only auctions as lenders will often add their cars to the mix.  It is important to keep in mind that lending institutions will often set reverse prices, which means that there is a minimum bid that must be met in order to actually purchase the vehicle.

Another great source of low mileage vehicles is from auto auctions that have vehicles that have been seized by local governments for civil reasons.  Most states, including California, have two different types of asset forfeiture  One is a civil issue, while the other is a criminal issue.  For example, if a car is seized because drugs were found in it, then it is a criminal issue.  If it is believed that the vehicle was purchased with money that was acquired via illegal activities, then it is a civil issue.  The laws are designed so that any assets that are seized for civil reasons must be auctioned off.  The funds are then dispersed to other areas like education.  Autos that were seized via civil asset forfeiture often have very low mileage and legally must be auctioned off in short order to fund other programs.  If you find vehicles that were the target of civil asset forfeiture, they are likely to be a great low mileage used car.

If you are having trouble finding a source for low mileage used cars in Riverside, then turning to the internet is a great option.  There are used cars that are being auctioned off with extremely low mileage, and some are even less than 1 year old.  Recently, a 2010 Mitsubishi sports car was starting as low as $1678. 

While there are a number of great sources to help you find a low mileage used car in Riverside, three stand out from the crowd.  Banks and lending institutions are always a source to keep your eye on and are fairly easy to find.  Automobiles that were seized for civil reasons are also likely to still have very low mileage.  If these auctions are not easy to find, using the internet can give you a huge advantage.

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