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The main and probably the only reason people go for used cars is to get a good bargain and a cheap car. You can find used cars in Cambridge at discounted prices at any of the used car auctions which are being held in this town. Buying used cars from dealers is not really all that cheap and if you want to make the best deal possible then you should go directly to one of the government auctions to get the most profitable deal. These vehicle auctions have cars from various sources and sell them at a fraction of their market value which makes them really cheap. So for real cash benefits go through the exercise of bidding for your car at do not take the easy way out of going to a dealer. Before you do take the step of opting for an auction study the benefits of various vehicles like their fuel consumption and after sales service so that you are not left in the lurch if your car breaks down or has a problem or run up exorbitant fuel bills.

Search for used car sales

An online search or looking through the classified ads will get you several sources where you can look for good used cars. eBay has a large number of vehicles for sale and you can go online and look through the used cars which are available with them. Other used car sales happen at various auctions like the police auctions, repo auctions and online auctions. Go through their comprehensive vehicle lists and search for what is suitable for your requirement and then target the auctioneer where you find the most cars according to your need. Never shortlist just one car, because if you do not win the bid on this one, you will not have an alternate one to bid for and will come back disappointed. Instead if you choose a few vehicles then you could definitely win a bid on one or the other.

Keep your payment ready while going to an auction

When you bid at auctions you have to complete the financial transactions as soon as you win the bid as this cannot be kept pending. Once you do a market research and find out what the cars which you have selected will cost you, you have an approximate idea of how much you will have to pay for your vehicle at the auctions. Make sure that you carry this money with you when you go to bid for your vehicle. In case you do not have it, try and raise a loan prior to bidding. If you can raise a loan after looking at the different rates before you start bidding you can get some better deals instead of taking whatever is available at short notice. Loans for used cars are available with banks and lending organizations which may have a rate which is slightly above the normal rates, but there are various options and you can sort out and select the most affordable ones.

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