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Canada Used Cars

Canadian Used Cars Are Cheap

In general, the cost of living in the United States is higher than in Canada. However, it seems like a completely different story when we talk about cars. In fact, none other than the Senate has looked into the significant disparity in terms of prices. It also doesn’t help that come black Friday, when almost… Read More »

Used Car Market

US Used Car Market Update

Are you in the business of selling and trading cars? Would you like to have a better idea of your used vehicle’s resale value? We have here summaries from two reports. While you should not depend on these data only, you can make better decisions by combining them with your very own analysis and findings… Read More »

Arizona Used Cars

Find Surplus Used Cars in Mesa AZ

Surplus happens when the supply exceeds demand. Although the chances of having more cars than users are low, it’s still possible to declare surplus if there’s more supply of a certain model in the market. Buying surplus used cars in Mesa can benefit car buyers in a number of ways: They are often cheap. Based… Read More »

Hybrid Used Cars

Used Hybrid Car Buyers Guide

Since hybrid vehicles were first introduced in America in 1999 more than 2.1 million conventional hybrids have been sold. Of those vehicles nearly half of them have been resold at least once and there are nearly 400,000 used hybrids on the market at any given point in time. Just like any other vehicle, hybrid cars… Read More »

BMW Used Cars

Do BMW Used Cars Hold Their Value?

In general, affordably priced models of most vehicles tend to hold their value better than high-priced sports are luxury models. This is primarily because the lower introductory cost necessarily decreases the net amount which it will decrease while it depreciates. At the same time, if you look at depreciation as a percentage of total cost… Read More »

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