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Used Car Review Chevrolet Aveo

The Chevy Aveo has become more popular as the general public began favoring smaller cars that are more fuel efficient. Within its class, the Aveo has proven to be one of the best options available. It first debuted in 2004 and is consistently one of the top sub-compacts on the market. While there have been a few changes over the years, there are a lot of similarities between the current model and the one that was released in 2004. Here is a closer used review of the Chevrolet Aveo.

Chevy Aveo

An Overview of the Chevrolet Aveo

The Chevrolet Aveo was created to target younger individuals who were looking for an affordable solution without sacrificing quality. That is why you will often find features such as an MP3 enabled audio system, unique color choices, and faux carbon fiber trim. For being such an inexpensive car within its segment, it still doesn’t sacrifice on features or overall comfort. Additionally, its excellent fuel efficiency will always draw people in. While it has a sleeker, newer look, it is definitely built with the Chevrolet core values in mind – reliable, durable, and budget conscious

What to Expect From a Used Chevrolet Aveo

Since it debuted in 2004, it shouldn’t be surprising that very few major changes have occurred since it was first introduced. The two notable changes were the addition of a sedan and hatchback option over the past several years. The Aveo features a 1.6 liter inline 4 engine and front wheel drive. You will be able to choose from a 5 speed manual transmission or a 4 speed automatic. Most people tend to look for a used Chevrolet Aveo that was released in 2006 or later because some additional features became standard. This includes cruise control, side airbags, and alloy wheels.

If you want to compare it to another Chevy, then most people would point to the Cobalt (Chevy’s next least expensive car). The Aveo is shorter in length, but taller and roomier than the Cobalt. Some people think that the added height throws off the feel of the car when looking at it from the outside, but the additional interior room is well worth it in a segment that is notorious for providing uncomfortable interiors. If you need the cargo space, then the hatchback will be your best choice, however most people agree that overall, the sedan is the best looking Aveo.

Chevrolet Aveo Used Car Review

Overall, the Chevrolet Aveo is considered to be a very strong choice if you are looking for something in the sub-compact class. It has everything that you would expect such as exceptional gas mileage and a very low price tag. Additionally, the Aveo has great handling, even for a car its size. If you are worried about power, it is important to note that you might be better off with the automatic depending on what year you are looking at. In 2009/2010, the gear ratios were redesigned and the automatic transmission is reported to not only provide you with more power, but also more fuel efficiency.

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